The Petit Brabançon breed are around 200 years old and were created in Belgium from a mix of English Toy Spaniel, Pug and Affenpinscher. They were originally created as ratters, but became the ultimate lap dogs after the Belgian queen, Henrietta Maria took a shine to them in the late 1800s. The queen herself, as well as the fashionable trend of owning one of these little dogs, was eventually responsible for the breed's soaring popularity.

The Petit Brabançon is a small dog, with a big, brave personality. Petit Brabançon means "small Brabant Griffon" and this toy dog is one of three different breeds of Brussels Griffon, the other two breeds being Griffon Bruxellois and the Griffon Belge. All three of these toy breeds are identical, except for their coat colour and texture. These little dogs are bright, lively, affectionate and loyal. This makes them excellent little companion dogs, particularly elderly people or those who live in apartments.

Petit Brabançons form incredibly intense bonds with their owner, making them a one-person dog, and once they have bonded to one person, it is incredibly hard for another person to...

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