Belgický ovčiak

The Belgian Shepherd is also commonly known as the Belgian Sheepdog and can be recognised by its well-muscled body, which is covered by a tight skin. There are four different types of Belgian Shepherd, with the Groenendael being the most common.


Since 1959, four distinct breeds of Belgian Shepherds have been recognised. All four breeds are highly intelligent and versatile and excel at a number of different tasks including police work such as bomb and narcotics detection, protection, search and rescue, sled and cart pulling, herding and as a guide for disabled and blind people. The first type of Belgian Shepherd to be established was the Belgian Malinois, closely followed by the Groenendael, the Laekenois and the Tervuren.

Body Type

This breed of dog features a squarely proportioned body and the overall size of its head should be in good proportion with its body with the top of the skull rounded. The breed features a...

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