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A young breed that remains rare even in its home country, the Kromfohrländer nonetheless has a devoted following around the world. The only dog known to have been descended from a military mascot, the Kromfohrländer is a delightful and devoted member of any household. The sweet nature and fine temperament of this dog makes it easy to train and rewarding to own.


High-spirited and intelligent yet lacking both aggression and timidity, the Kromfohrländer is an ideal companion dog. Robust, inquisitive, loyal, obedient and totally devoted to its family, the weak hunting instincts of the Kromfohrländer mean the dog does not roam and rarely strays too far from. They tend to be quite reserved when meeting strangers for the first time but once they become familiar, they become playful and docile. The breed is sometimes referred to as the German Terrier while fanciers refer to them simply as Kromi.


The Kromfohrländer is a medium seized dog with a full grown specimen standing between 38 and 46 centimeters at the shoulder. Adult males...

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